Me nd my Babe!!! <3

Me nd my Babe!!! <3

I luv yewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I luv yew so much~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG damn Jenna is keeping up going dirty on Jake infront of Matty I think Matty does Deserve wat he is going threw so now its pay back Karma is Bitch but Jenna’s dad is super nasty he went pee in the pool and Lacy is gross she was going almost naked in front of Jake and Matty and I feel sad for Lacy becuz she is in so much pain and she lost mostly everything but things are wat they are!!!!!!!!!<3

omg i luv yew Leonardo DiCAPRIO

Leonardo DiCaprio is MY second luv

Jake I dedictate this song to yew I love yew so much I will nvr stop this love.The love I have yew for yew keeps getting strong by the second hopefully we can be together right now! I will keep loving yew til the casket drops! I love yew!!!! One day we will be together forever just my hope and faith but happiness will soon come my last tear will soon come but until it does my tears will keep running but I dont want it too be too late becuz I wanna be by ur side until my casket drops……<3

That Girl

Sometimes I get confuesed but I will always have someone there for me and even though that person isnt there I have posters everything that will help me keep his memory stuck in my head that person is Jake Rosati aka: Brett Davern but anywho when yew start to get that feeling that yew have to move on trust yew instixts no one can stop yew from anything have trust in what yew belive in do be a follower be a leader always keep that in mind. Everyday yew feel like what am I or where am I yew get that wierd feeling that are yew even real. Take Inception for an example yew cant always have the trust yew have in a dream as when your dream or not but if yew have been in that stage of life yew will need something an object. When yew inprint is like how am I still alive without him. Suddenly its not gravity keeping yew on earth its him but yew have to examine ur mind to know and keep track of every good and bad thing yew have done ur not perfect but ur a good person just dont fall for someone who isnt worth it no guy is worth killing for if he wants yew good and if he doesnt thats no differeince yew will always have something keeping yew from doing the worst, Family, maybe a boyfriend, ur bestfriend, and most importantly…..GOD!!!!!!!!!!Thank yew for reading this and post ur own comments!!!!!!